Tools and Accessories for Wheel Adapters.

This Sopko innovation is designed for the ANCA TG7/DM7, MG7/RG7, and TG4 Fastgrind machine family. Now, you can safely and efficiently mount and dismount wheel-packs without damaging expensive grinding wheels. And, you can continue to operate your machine, producing product, while grinding wheel changes are being made!
05245 Designed for the ANCA TG7 and DM7 machines, the fixture is furnished complete with a 5-1/2" diameter base-plate and two T-handle locking pins 00906. The base-plate is designed to be bolted to a workbench through two 3/8" drill holes on the outer insert surface. T-handle pins secure the TG7/DM7 adapter in the 3" base ID by engaging the adapter hub OD holes through holes on the insert OD. This efficient locking mechanism allows the machine operator to mount or dismount grinding wheel-packs quickly and safely.
(ANCA Part No. ICN-3113-0001.)

00077 This optional insert, supplied with two 1/4" SHCS 02665, attaches to the 05245 base-plate shown above to mount or dismount wheel-packs on TG4 adapters. With the insert securely installed, the T-handles 00906 firmly and quickly engage the TG4 adapter hub OD holes through two holes on the insert OD.
(ANCA Part No. ICN-3113-0002.)

00072 This optional insert, furnished with two 1/4" SHCS 02665 and a shoulder bolt 02666 attaches to the 05245 base-plate shown above to mount or dismount MG7/RG7 wheel-packs. The insert is securely held with 1/4" SHCS and the adapter hub is locked to the fixture with the shoulder bolt. Two set screws 00973 in the insert gently contact the MG7/RG7 hub flats to prevent rotation as pressure is applied.
(ANCA Part No. ICN-3113-0003.)



RH: Right-hand threads for CCW spindle rotation.
LH: Left-hand threads for CW spindle rotation.
Always Wear Safety Goggles When Griding.


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